The architect must strive to reduce complexity; the arrangement of the rooms needs to be carefully
thought through so to ensure that utility and comfort be in harmony with aesthetics,” stated Frank
Lloyd Wright, well-known American designer and architect. Architecture is the art of designing and
building structures. It’s an art and there are a variety of reasons to consider taking the study of
architecture. One aspect, it can transform your love of designing and creating beautiful things into a
lucrative career creating from your own imagination.

Romance is found in the creation and design of objects that are used for their purpose. Do you
remember the glass house from the romantic film The Lake House, with Keanu Reeves as well as
Sandra Bullock? The house itself is an element within the movie. The presence of the house and its
beautiful construction — a transparent house constructed entirely from steel and glass is what holds
the story of the film and serves as the canvas that the actors use to paint their romantic scenes. The
house, perched above Lake on stilts was designed specifically as a prop for film production and is
stunning in its style and design. Imagine creating something similar!

In your role as an architect your task is to design structures that are practical, functional and
gorgeous. Many architects are also required to create commemorative spaces or memorials to
certain events or historical events that have caused trauma. Think of: Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
as well as museums and memorials to 9/11 at New York City, and the Vietnam War Memorial in
Washington, DC just to mention some. There are many aspects of architecture that are fulfilling as
well as challenging and stimulating. Here are some of the top reasons to consider taking a course in
1. You are a lover of solving issues.
You are someone who is up to the task of solving problems? If so, the role of an architect could be
the ideal job for you. Architecture professionals are always solving problems and it’s an immense
task to think about the entirety of a building’s requirements such as designs, structure elements
aesthetics, and so on. “Architecture school teaches you to take a pile of data and information and
interpret it to inform how to design a building or solve a problem,” writes Michael Riscica in Young

Apart from creating structures and living spaces, architects are at the forefront of designing and
solving solutions to the current climate crisis? Barbara Nelson of Breathing Lights, says, “As a
designer I am attracted to problem-solving than to design. As a humanbeing, I have a deep concern
for the earth. Cities are essential for the protection of open spaces for farming and biodiversity.
Therefore, I am drawn to the issue of conserving our cities as healthy and sustainable areas to live
in. A healthy city has communities with a variety of cultural and character, but should one
neighborhood struggle, the entire city is affected.” As architecture blends scientific, artistic and
technological fields of study and research, it’s an ideal career for anyone looking to solve problems.

2. You’re a travel enthusiast.
If you are a fan of travel then you might be interested in studying architecture. Some architects
assert that “it is a lifestyle not a job.” A lot of them incorporate frequent travel into their busy
schedules both for pleasure and business. Naturally, the best way to get information about gothic
architecture is right at the source! Think about the differences between learning on cathedrals as
well as their design through a textbook or sitting at the foot of Sagrada Familia. Architectural
professionals travel to experience various cultures, to be impressed from the manner in which light
strikes the building at a specific angle at a particular time of day, and to be aware of how different
structures interact with one another.

Architecture Lora Teagarden writes, “I enjoy visiting new places exploring the culture, and getting
absorbed in the local culture whenever I can. A professional architect I’m looking for someone who is
patient when I stare at buildings. […] Travel and architecture. They’re as jam and peanut butter. Milk
and cookies. Jack and Diane. Anyone who has a connection with an architect will know that they’re
prone to travel around the world.” It’s it’s a given however if you’ve got an interest for architecture,
you’re probably also an avid traveler. If you’re a student in the field or student of the profession, you’ll
most likely have the opportunity to avail of opportunities to study abroad in order to broaden your
knowledge as well as take in another culture and its design principles.

3. You’ll be able to be creative and analytical
Architecture is a multidisciplinary field. Sketching out design concepts and ideas require artistic
abilities, while the technical aspect of building construction requires a lot of analytical abilities.
architect Brandon Hubbard writes, “Architecture is among the professions that permit the ability to be
both imaginative in addition to analytical on day-to-day basis. For instance, during an average day, I
may calculate and evaluate various floor plans. In the evening, I’ll sketch out the design for a
particular element or part of a design.” Be assured, this doesn’t mean you need become a
mathematical wizard. Portico Journal explains, “The mathematical logic is a crucial tool of architects.
It’s also a skillthat is why it needs to be learned, practiced, and eventually mastered. As time passes
the math used by architects is reduced to a matter of the way they do things.” Don’t be afraid of
math! keep you from studying architecture!

4. You’ll never be boredIt’s a continuously evolving field.
If you’re searching for a subject that isn’t going to get boring and stagnant, then you’re in the right
place. Architecture is an ever-evolving and constantly changing field. Expert architects claim, “There
are constantly changing construction materials and methods that are in use and we have to be able
as a profession to respond to the needs of the population on a large scale (building efficiency and
energy consumption, including recycled materials as well as.). Architects develop new concepts for
design that challenge the way modern construction is done. Architecture is among the few fields of
study that is always evolving.”
Recently, architects are becoming increasingly concerned about sustainable and environmentally
responsible building practices and the materials they use. Sometimes, they are called “green
building,” Steven Holl an architect who is on rising (so to say) claims he has to take into
consideration a variety of factors when evaluating these kinds of structures and their limitations. He
explains, “The space, the geometrical form, and the light of an architecture in huge dimensions
should remain the main objective, while engineering strives to create zero carbon, ultra-green
architecture. The equilibrium between the poetic nature of architecture as well as its green
engineering is vital.”

5. You’re interested in being a self-employed worker.
If you’re looking having control over your own schedule and prefer to work from your home, or even
be able to work on your own, an architecture career could be the ideal choice for you. Hubbard
states, “architecture is such a widespread profession that you can work wherever you want. I
recently talked to a friend , who told me that his classmate is living in a isolated fishing village in
China. He is the sole architect in the entire area, and has discovered some intriguing projects in the
area. I have also met other architects in the global hub cities as well as in the country side.”
Architectural designer Richard Meier says in an interview in an interview with Architectural Digest,
“Sometimes it’s not the architecture , but the characteristics of a location which make you look at
things in a different manner. I visited Taiwan last year and I was surprised by the amount of the
population. It is what makes New York look like no one is in street.” Imagine working from anywhere
in the world, and let the globe you travel through influence and influence your design. After you’ve
been you are certified and trained in your field and you’re certified, the world is yours to explore.
Being self-employed will enable you to work in partnership with people who share your interests and
driven to do your own independent career.

6. Your efforts yield tangible possibly transformative results.
If you believe that buildings or structures don’t matter take a look at your options for the Vietnam War
Memorial. In the year 2000 the 21-year-old Maya Lin beat over 1,400 designs submitted. Her
memorial, made of black stone walls that were etched with names of the deceased caused a lot of
controversy, yet it was a moving, fitting experience for all who visited. Lin stated, “One can argue
that even in that Vietnam Memorial, there’s no thing to be seen on the wall, it’s a pure surface. the
names are the thing. There’s an unmaterialization and a reconsideration of what a monument
actually is and is actually very personal and intimate and, in a humorous way, it’s anti-monumental.
It’s me and my personal style -they’re very silent.” This kind of work is your legacy. Imagine being
asked to work on such an crucial project…quite practically, and the sky is the limit!

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