Many people wonder what makes a properly designed home distinct from one that’s not. I’ve been thinking about this issue for a long time and have concluded that there are five critical elements of Design that every house must-have. These five elements need to be incorporated to give the cosy and pleasant feeling that certain homes possess. When building their homes typically, homeowners only consider three or four of these components, and more times than not, they struggle to put all of them together.

For a more in-depth exploration of these details, let’s offer you an insight into the workings of a designer’s brain. At the same time, she visualizes your home to build an image in her head that eventually leads to the design plan and then the final Design.

So… broadcasting live, right from the studio in the designer’s mind…10…9…8…7… goes.

How do I see…I see space. It needs furniture. What kind of theme should furniture be placed in? How should I position it to keep it from becoming cluttered? There’s a French window… I cannot stop it with furniture. The light coming from the window creates shadows. Shadow…light…how did I not notice that.

Light, which direction is it going to? Of the house? Is there enough light? The living area is well lit… It can utilize dark colours for furniture and wall finishes. However, it is not the master bedroom…it does not have much natural light, so that we will choose lighter shades for the bedroom. The living room would require a false ceiling to house the Lighting.

Massive empty walls…maybe an artwork recess, ledge, or wallpaper covering them…will require attention to … additional lights in the wall to provide accent lighting.

Kids room 10-year-old, Hmm. Bed here? Perhaps not, but the child will get used to it over the next year. Hobbies? Okay, then you can go with the cricket theme. Beware of clutter. Places for your school bag, books…space for lots of books

Parents’ room, at which age? 70 + – must be elderly-friendly

There is a lot more to say and on, but I’m guessing this gives you a general idea. If you’re observing, the five fundamental elements required to create a beautiful home is listed in the above commentary. Now that you’re bleeding from the desire to discover the five essential elements… here’s the information.

The five elements of a good interior design

  1. Furniture
  2. Lighting
  3. Painting/ Wall Finishes/ Floor Finishes
  4. Furnishing
  5. Decor

But wait, …. there’s an undiscovered sixth component, and it is often ignored in searching for a skilled carpenter or ready-made furniture. Ladies and gentlemen, it is – YOU. Yes, you are your life and your age, habits like hobbies, aspirations, interests, and requirements. A professional designer will combine all five elements of YOU into an environment that you feel most at ease with and proud of.

Each of the five elements is an individual subject of research within Design. Consider a basic example of furniture, and it comprises the form and material, colour and theme, and the placement, style, and dimensions. Concerning YOU and your life, it will increase the height, comfort, child and elder comfort, and so on.

The subject of Lighting, in contrast, is the amount of total Lighting required to ensure the house is cosy (ambient lighting) spaces that require additional Lighting or dimmable lights, like near the study table or lamp near close to the couch or set (Task lighting) and places that have to be highlighted with focal lightings, such as artwork, décor items, and so on. (Accent lighting)

Similar to painting walls and floor textures. Just visiting some of the glitzy flooring showrooms for tiles in Bangalore will send your mind spinning due to the sheer range of finishes and materials that are on display. The natural Lighting of your home and the overall theme for the interior play an essential factor in selecting the best colours and textures for walls.

Most homeowners plan the furnishings and decorating right in the final stages, which is the time budgets have surpassed initial estimates. Every expense can be a burden on the pocket. I didn’t mention this before but balancing budgets to pay for the final mile of details with no budget creep is yet another technique that designers master early and DIY home design professionals must take in.

The furniture and decorating. While the designer is drawing the plan for the interior of her head, the furniture is being resized, and the walls are creating recesses. The lights are aligned to accommodate the decor elements. I’m trying to convey that interior decor should be an idea that is considered before and not an added-on thought. I am reminded of this story where we changed the arrangement of just two pieces of furniture and then included some décor in a living area. The results changed into something extraordinary.

In summary, the next time you’re putting together your home, make sure you consider more than just furniture for what you would like to do with the five components of your life and your style to create the perfect home.


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